Declaration of conformity

Download the declaration of conformity


Getting started with Hub’O :
– A first guide for a good start with Hub’O configuration and use.

Human Machine Interface :
– A description of the H.M.I. (LCD screen and user button)

Hub’O – Server exchange description :
– A complete description of Hub’O behavior with the distant server (to read to understand how the server should work)


Last Firmware :
– Put the 2 files from the zip (s_010_XXXX and s_010.manifest) directly at the root of a FAT (or FAT32) formatted USB stick.
– Then plug the USB stick on one of the USB port available and wait until the Hub’O gateway reboot by itself (it should take around 1 or 2 minutes)
– The USB stick can be removed from Hub’O, the Hub’O firmware have been upgraded !

Make-cfg :
– The « Make-cfg » tool, that allows to generate a signature file from a Hub’O configuration file, is available on the download page.

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