Declaration of conformity

Download the declaration of conformity


Getting started with Hub'O:
- A primary guide for a good start with Hub'O configuration and use.

Human Machine Interface:
- A description of the H.M.I. (LCD screen and user button)

Hub'O - Server exchange description:
- A complete description of Hub'O behaviour with the remote server (to be read to understand how the server should work)

ModBus Interface:
- A description of the ModBus interface (on TCP/IP or RS485) available on Hub'O with firmware version 02.00 or higher.


Firmware update : Latest firmware should be used in most cases.

  • Firmware V01.03 :
    • Works with HTTP(S) server only, that needs to be implemented by the user
  • Firmware V02.00 :
    • Can work both with a HTTP(S) server or through the ModBus interface (TCP or RS485)
    • It is not mandatory to have a HTTP(S) server enabled, Hub'O can work in a standalone mode and can be interrogated and configured only through the ModBus interface and its USB ports
  • Firmware V02.02 :
    • Fixed issue to connect to Modbus after TCP Link failure. Notice that connecting from new TCP client after abnormal disconnection, may require up to 2'30" delay.
    • Fixed issue concerning float management of AnalogInput/PresentValue attribute in Modbus register
    • Add management of 'Present value' of Multistate output cluster
  • How to update Hub'O firmware through USB :
    • 1/ Place the 2 files from the zip (s_010_XXXX and s_010.manifest) directly at the root of a FAT (or FAT32) formatted USB stick
    • 2/ Plug the USB stick into a free USB port and wait until the Hub'O gateway reboots itself (it takes around 2 to 5 min)
    • 3/ The USB stick can be removed from Hub'O. The Hub'O firmware has been updated!

Make-cfg :
"Make-cfg" is a tool that allows a signature file to be generated from a Hub'O configuration file.

Make-manifest :
"Make-manifest" is tool that allows a signature file to be generated from:
- a Hub'O configuration file
- an authorised end-devices list
- a ModBus interface configuration file

ModBus Doctor :
A free ModBus client available online. It can be very useful to test our Hub'O ModBus interface !

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