Codec for "Standard" decoding

  • Python Sources:

old release

New features will be added in the coming weeks… (encoding,…)


json example:

> echo 110a005000064107010536d80e4e01a059022ee0000001 | py -of json

{"version": "NKE_Frame_Codec_v_1.0.svn5087", "TimeStamp": "2018-06-22 11:33:53.877236"}
"EndPoint": 0,
"Report": "Standard",
"CommandID": "ReportAttributes",
"ClusterID": "Configuration",
"AttributeID": "NodePowerDescriptor",
"AttributeType": "ByteString",
"Data": {
"Size": 7,
"CurrentPowerMode": "PeriodicallyON",
"AvailablePowerSourceBitField": 5,
"ConstantVoltage": 14040,
"DisposableBatteryVoltage": 3662,
"CurrentPowerSource": "Constant"
"Cause": [
"ReportParameters": {
"New": "Yes",
"Reserved": 0,
"CauseRequest": "Long",
"SecuredIfAlarm": "No",
"Secured": "No",
"NoHeaderPort": "No",
"Batch": "No"
"SlotDescriptors": [
"CriteriaSlotDescriptor": {
"Alarm": "No",
"OnExceed": "Yes",
"OnFall": "No",
"Mode": "ThresholdWithActions",
"CriterionIndex": 1
"FieldIndex": 2,
"Value": 12000,
"Gap": 0,
"Occurence": {
"ExtendedOccurences": "No",
"Occurences": 1
] }
] }

xml example:

> echo 110a04020000290A25 | py -of xmlp

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<EndPoint type="int">0</EndPoint>
<Report type="str">Standard</Report>
<CommandID type="str">ReportAttributes</CommandID>
<ClusterID type="str">Temperature</ClusterID>
<AttributeID type="str">MeasuredValue</AttributeID>
<AttributeType type="str">Int16</AttributeType>
<Data type="int">2597</Data>
<Cause type="list"/>


  • JavaScript Sources:

old release

Codec for "Batch" decoding

old release
    • 1.2.1 JSBatch_1.2.1: possibility to add a label name and an absolute timestamp
    • 1.3.1 JSBatch_1.3.1: possibility to add a divide field. compatible with nashorn
    • 1.3.2 JSBatch_1.3.2: fixe bug about signed type decoding
      (Simple NodeRed integration for VAQAO Batch, thanks to "": Javascript for NodeRed. Look at end of file.)
old release

Codec for "Batch" and "Standard" decoding

Tic Tools


  • Tool used to create a signature file from a Hub'O configuration file in order to upload the configuration with an USB stick.
  • C Sources and executable for windows (in /exe_win32) or Linux OS (in /bin) : make-cfg

LoRaUpdater Tools

Tool to configure a remote sensor through a dongle LoRa 50-70-174-000

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