Declaration of conformity

Download the declaration of conformity


Getting started with Hub'O:
- A primary guide for a good start with Hub'O configuration and use.

Human Machine Interface:
- A description of the H.M.I. (LCD screen and user button)

Hub'O - Server exchange description:
- A complete description of Hub'O behavior with the remote server (to be read to understand how the server should work)

ModBus Interface:
- A description of the ModBus interface (on TCP/IP or RS485) available on Hub'O with firmware version 02.00 or higher.

Firmware update

How to update Hub'O firmware through USB

  1. Download th required (latest) firmware
  2. Uncompress the downloaded Firmware
  3. Place the 2 files from the zip (s_010_XXXX and s_010.manifest) directly at the root of a FAT (or FAT32) formatted USB stick
  4. Plug the USB stick into a free USB port and wait until the Hub'O gateway reboots itself (it takes around 2 to 5 min)
  5. The USB stick can be removed from Hub'O. The Hub'O firmware has been updated!

Firmware download

  • Firmware V02.09 : ** Please update to latest firmware as soon as possible **
    IMPORTANT Fix : HUB'O may loose its current Modbus table in some case of unexpected reboot, like "quick successives power failures".

Previous versions

  • Firmware V02.08 :
    • Added visualisation of modbus SlaveID list with the DEVEUI and name of devices
    • Added administrative functions : time set, reboot and reinit Hub'O configuration
    • Various Modbus fixes:
      • Hub'O reboot due to too many TCP connexions/deconnexions
      • Virtual Slave IDs could change after Hub'O restart
      • Modbus function could hang (no more response) when slave IDs list was not continuous and a request was done to a slave ID following a free slot
  • Firmware V02.06 :
    • HTTP server now available on HUb'O allowing WEB configuration and logs analysis
    • New functionnalities on LCD HMI, like displaying current LAN IP Address
    • More information in logs: detailed topology, configuration modification history, ...
    • Possibility to handle (with care) specific low level LoRa commands
  • Firmware V02.02 :
    • Fixed issue to connect to Modbus after TCP Link failure. Notice that connecting from new TCP client after abnormal disconnection, may require up to 2'30" delay.
    • Fixed issue concerning float management of AnalogInput/PresentValue attribute in Modbus register
    • Add management of 'Present value' of Multistate output cluster
  • Firmware V02.00 :
    • Can work both with a HTTP(S) server or through the ModBus interface (TCP or RS485)
    • It is not mandatory to have a HTTP(S) server enabled, Hub'O can work in a standalone mode and can be interrogated and configured only through the ModBus interface and its USB ports
  • Firmware V01.03 :
    • Works with HTTP(S) server only, that needs to be implemented by the user 

Tools download

Make-cfg :
"Make-cfg" is a tool that allows a signature file to be generated from a Hub'O configuration file.

Make-manifest :
"Make-manifest" is tool that allows a signature file to be generated from:
- a Hub'O configuration file
- an authorised end-devices list
- a ModBus interface configuration file

ModBus Doctor :
A free ModBus client available online. It can be very useful to test our Hub'O ModBus interface !

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